Wednesday, May 4, 2011

(this is her in her cute tea outfit:)

tonight as I lay in bed thinking over my day, I can't help but be so grateful for a quiet moment! my beautiful, loving, creative, smart and absolutely funny 4 year old daughter is becoming a 15 year old over night...or so it feels! today we were at a tea party at her school and she decides that she doesn't only want 3 mini cupcakes but 4.....and when I stop her to tell her that that is MORE then enough sugar, she
melts. and no, not the cute melt.....I am talking a major melt down in the middle of the room! I picked her up and took her into another room and tays sweet teacher followed. teacher Nicky told me that she has never seen that side of tay before....which I was very happy to hear as I am seeing it a lot lately. Nicky sat with me and gave me some great advice and confidence in my parenting....which I needed right in that
moment!! she looked at me and told me that God has picked me to be tays mama, because he knows that I can do the best job. what a great
thing to hear when you are embarrassed and drained! God picked me to
love Tay and raise her in His ways! what a blessing! it was such a
good reminder and tonight as I lay here really thinking about it, I am
utterly blown away by that blessing!


  1. That IS a great thing to hear on a tough day like that! God bless the teacher for sharing those thoughts with you. You are doing a wonderful job with your family. Yes, those melt downs will happen.... but you will make it through! :) hugs.

  2. Thanks Robin!! God is so good! Especially on days where I have NOTHING left to give:)