Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Hubby is Awesome!

my husband is my best friend. he makes me laugh everyday and fills my
heart with so much joy. God has blessed me so much through my wonderful
husband! Brian makes me a better person and thus a better mom and wife.
he has relaxed me so much since the day we met and I am so grateful for
the selflessness i have observed him show to others which has helped me
to strive to do the same. he works well over 40 hours a week, goes to
school full time and still fills his days off with family days every
week, while doing his homework when the kids go to bed. he is the best
daddy ever too! he loves his kids so much and would do anything for
them! I am so blessed to have such a loving and devoted man as a
husband and daddy to my kids! God has blessed this family very very

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Fun day with Family and friends!

I am in LOVE with mother’s day!! My amazing hubby who has to
work on mother’s day this year bought me my gift early! He got me a REAL Coach
purse! I have wanted one FOREVER and he got me one today and I LOVE IT! We went
to the Outlets in Marysville and when we walked in they handed us a 30% off
coupon for anything in the store. So I picked about 5 out and then with help
from my friend M (who was there too) I narrowed it down and got this one! I AM
J So it retails for $328.00 which is totally insane for a purse if you ask me. And
we got it for pocket change compared to the real price! It was on sale and then
I got 30% off that. I am so so excited! It is sitting right here next
to me on the computer but Brian thinks I need to wait until Sunday (Mother’s
Day) but I am going to keep working on him

We also went to the Tulip Festival with R and M. It was so
much fun!!! It didn’t last long because we had the kids and there was LOTS of
mud, but taking pictures in the flowers was a lot of fun. We have so much fun
with R and M that it just makes everything we do a lot more enjoyable. Tay wanted to take her shoes off and play in the mud and she could have sat there all day with wet and dirty feet. Ty loved the mud too, but we didn’t let him play in it as it would have been a very messy hour car ride home

(this is her in her cute tea outfit:)

tonight as I lay in bed thinking over my day, I can't help but be so grateful for a quiet moment! my beautiful, loving, creative, smart and absolutely funny 4 year old daughter is becoming a 15 year old over night...or so it feels! today we were at a tea party at her school and she decides that she doesn't only want 3 mini cupcakes but 4.....and when I stop her to tell her that that is MORE then enough sugar, she
melts. and no, not the cute melt.....I am talking a major melt down in the middle of the room! I picked her up and took her into another room and tays sweet teacher followed. teacher Nicky told me that she has never seen that side of tay before....which I was very happy to hear as I am seeing it a lot lately. Nicky sat with me and gave me some great advice and confidence in my parenting....which I needed right in that
moment!! she looked at me and told me that God has picked me to be tays mama, because he knows that I can do the best job. what a great
thing to hear when you are embarrassed and drained! God picked me to
love Tay and raise her in His ways! what a blessing! it was such a
good reminder and tonight as I lay here really thinking about it, I am
utterly blown away by that blessing!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

todays blog was typed last night on my hubby's iPod as I lay in bed
waiting for my eyes to get heavy! life has been crazy lately! we gave
notice at our apartment yesterday and are trying to wrap our heads
around this move! I wish our realitor would just call us already so we
can sign for the house and finish this long process:) we have half our
house in boxes and are so excited to pack up the rest and load it into
the moving truck and start the next chapter of our our
first house!!!! hubby and I spent 2 hours the other night in home
depot picking out paint colors, garbage cans, lawn bowers.......mostly
it was a lot of dreaming but it was so fun! it's such an amazing
process and it's been so great doing it with Brian! he is the best and
I wouldnt want to buy a house with anyone else! sooooo excited to