Thursday, March 31, 2011

My life!

At the moment my sweet 15 month old baby boy Tysen is screaming at the top of his lungs for me
to get him from his crib, however, it's nap time and he doesn't seem to want to
sleep. My 3 year old daughter Taylor is upstairs in quiet time playing a
princess game and is actually doing a wonderful job at being super quiet. I
also have a batch of brightly colored cupcakes in the oven in preparation from
Taylors 4th birthday party on Saturday. It has been a very busy morning at our house.
Tay had school this morning and the house actually got cleaned somewhat while
she was gone. I guess that kind of sums up my morning. My hubby is at work and
I miss him very much
L We were able to spend the last 3 days
together on an awesome date weekend and it was so much fun. He is also home all
weekend so I am thrilled about that
J We are taking Taylor skiing tomorrow
for the first time. Her daddy and Grampie are really into the winter sports so
we are starting her out young. She will be better than me next year;) Then on
Saturday it is party time! I can’t believe she is already 4 years old. Time has
just flown by and she is getting so big. She wants a Dora party with a piƱata
so that’s what we got
J I will have to post pictures after the
big day! Well I have a busy few days so I am going to get moving. Just wanted
to start my first blog and get it going

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